Seriously, in 2019, does your business even need a website?

Social media is an awesome, fast and simple way to establish a presence online. You can set up your business accounts in just a few hours (or less) and be connecting with potential customers in a flash. 

So, why spend money building a website when social media accounts are all free?

Well, when I was researching if websites were still needed… I found that people were asking that as far back as 9 years ago!

Now… if we have been asking that for 9 years and websites are still around … then it seems to make sense that the answer is an absolute yes. Your business still needs a website. 

Here’s one way to look at it… Your social platforms simply acts as a funnel… pushing potential customers to your website, where they can become actual paying customers. 

Let’s take a look at 3 important reasons why your small business still needs a website in 2019.

Number 1…  It’s yours!

You have complete control over the look, feel, and content. You get to tell your story the way you want. With social media you have to conform to their rules.

They have complete control over your account and they can change the rules whenever they want. And, no one knows when a site might go out of favour or even disappear all together.

Remember, they are social media platforms not business platforms. So, use social media to your advantage. Inform, educate and entertain potential customers. Then use social media ads to drive them to your website. 

Number 2… Get Found Online

Did you know there are over 40,000 Google searches are submitted every second! Every second! 

Now you can see why have a strong search presence makes sense. 

Ranking high on Google is no easy task for anyone and it’s even harder if all you are relying on are your social media accounts without a website. With a website and strong SEO, you’ve got a fighting chance. 

SEO or search engine optimization gives you the possibility of appearing in at the top when someone in your target market does a search. 

However, that’s just the first step…. when someone lands on your website it had better be good. You only have a few seconds to convince them to stay. 

People make a judgement in as little as 2/10’s of one second! And can be gone in 5 seconds. No pressure, right? 

Number 3… Targeting Your Audience and Maximizing Your Advertising Dollars.

Websites allow you to track the people who visit your site. Where are they coming from? What are they looking for? Where do they live? Plus, a host of other demographic information. 

With these powerful analytics, you can truly target your marketing strategy and get the most from your hard earned advertising dollars. 


There you have it. It is absolutely to still have a website for your small business. After all, your website is yours. Get a new one or update the one you have. But, make it great!

And use social media platforms to entice your potential customers to visit your website. Done right, you have a powerful tool to grow your business. 

If you are wondering about your current website and if it’s actually working for you… let us know. 

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