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Video Production

Every statistic shows that video is important to attracting new customers. No matter where you are located, we can help make that happen, affordably & effectively.       We PRODUCE results!

Your small business needs video. Are you struggling with how to make that happen? Why not let us help?

Video Production

Video can and should be an important part of your marketing. It’s important that you have a video strategy, one that maximizes the impact of the videos you get produced.

Not sure where to start? Check out our blog post about the types of video every small business needs: https://gatcher.ca/5-types-of-video-every-small-business-needs/

After that, why not schedule a call to see how we can help make your video a reality? That way we can learn more about what you need, how best to move forward and make it fit your budget. Gatcher can handle it all… shoot, edit, text music, voiceover and graphics!

We produce results! 

Distant Video Production (DVP)

We don’t have to be in the same town or even the same province to help you get professional quality video.

Plus, you don’t need expensive equipment or need to do everything yourself using our DVP system.

We can, remotely, guide you through the steps needed to make your video and all you need is a smartphone!

Starting with a preliminary call, to discuss a strategy for your video, we can then direct you through the steps to shoot it. We take if from there and edit your footage, adding text, music, voiceover and graphics to creat a professional video.

We can even send you a tripod and microphone if you need them!

Let’s Get Started

Ready to take your videos to the next level? Let’s create this together!