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Video & Social Media Training

Your small business can benefit from our years of experience in video creation and social media marketing.

Are you getting the results from your online marketing that you want? Why not let us help? 

Video Production

We start with the equipment you have and then suggest what you may need. Next, we teach you simple techniques to get the most from your gear. Learn how to shoot, capture sound & the perform editing basics you need to get started.

Content Marketing Strategy

Learn how to create the right content strategy for your business then pick the topics your customers and potential customers are looking for. 

Social Media Marketing

Staring with your online strategy, we then guide you through choosing the right social media platforms for your business. Next, learn how to use the right tactics to maximize each platform and grow your online audience.

Email Marketing

Email remains one of the most effective ways to comminucate with your customers. Learn how to build your list and build better relationships with customers.

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Ready to learn about video & social media marketing? Let’s get going!