Well, it depends.

How old is your site? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithms change constantly and possibly enough for it to become necessary to invest the money in a new website.

Does your website should have responsive design? This is probably the biggest indicator as there is nothing that drives away potential customers faster than a slow site or one that doesn’t load properly on mobile devices. it is absolutely necessary to have this as part of your website design.

It should display quickly in an easy to read format designed specifically for the mobile device. Statistics show about 84% of people use their smartphones for online then it is critical that your website to display properly on smartphones.

Is Your Competitors Website Better? If your competitor has a beautiful responsive website that customers like better than yours, it is time to look into building a new website. Consumers only take two tents of a second to decide if they like a site!

Since a website is designed to provide information, tell your story, keep the customer on the page, and generate leads for your business it’s imperative your site looks good and works well.

If you notice your competition starting to grow and your business leads are starting to slow down, it’s time to take a look at your business strategy and what you need to add and redo with your website to increase traffic, leads, and most importantly sales.

Is your website is all text and no graphics or images? A simple, easy to view website is appealing and remember, it’s about your customers and not you. Your home page should clearly and easily tell potential customers what’s in it for them. Most users spend less than 5 seconds on a webpage so that is all you have to make a great first impression!

Does it create leads and customers? If you are not getting traffic on your website or you are not displaying well in the google search results, then your website needs a facelift.

Is your website is slow to load? If that’s the case then your graphics maybe too large, your web hosting provider is not giving you enough bandwidth, or your theme and code is out of date.

If you are unsure if your website is out of date, contact us and we can provide a FREE website audit that will score your site on several key areas including: SEO, listings, social media and reviews.