In this post we are talking about the 5 types of video every small business should have. So let’s get right into it. 

Number One! 

A Profile or About You video. This is about you and your company BUT… and this is a big but… it still has to show the viewer how you are going to solve their problems. You can talk about how passionate you are about your business and what led you to start it but, it has to be with their point of view in mind. The viewer wants to know they can trust you and learn why they should do business with you. 

Your Facebook business page header is the perfect place for this type of video. Even if you don’t use Facebook or believe in it… your customers do. It’s where they are and people are searching local businesses on Facebook too.

Number Two!

Customer Success Stories. Testimonials from your clients that show how your products and or services solved their problems. Make sure it positions the client as the hero…. Not you. Take the viewer on the hero’s journey… Customer has a problem, looks for a solution but nothing works, suddenly they find a guide (you) that points them in the right direction, they solve their problem using your help. It’s a powerful and effective style of video. 

Number Three!

Q&A Videos. Do you have common questions that you get about your business, services or products. If so, you can turn each of these questions into a video. This helps not only position you as an authority in your field but, it can save you and your employees time. You can send the customer the video for each specific question they ask. This has the added benefit of building your email list! 

Number Four!

Product Demos. Statistics show that 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after seeing a video. Video is far more effective in showing the how, what and why a product is effective over trying to read a long blog post about it. Keep the video short, informative and fig possible, entertaining.

Number Five!

Promo Videos. These are usually quick and easy videos that highlight a sale, event or new product. These are great to help explain why customers should buy from you and encourage them to act now with a strong call to action. 

There  you have it. 5 types of video every small business should work toward getting on their social media platforms and their website. 

Happy marketing!