At Gatcher, we tend to look at SEO as more than the just how search engines will rank your website and, instead, focus more on the user experience. Statistics show visitors will decide if they want to stay on your website in 7 seconds or less! 

It is an absolute must today that you have a clean, responsive site that will load quickly and solve your potential clients needs. Your content must help them find what they are looking for and answer their questions. Remember, it’s about them! 

Here are the 4 benefits of SEO for small business:

  1. Helps attract more customers.
  2. Converts more visitors into customers.
  3. Beats your competition.
  4. Helps builds brand awareness. 

Lets look at each one a little closer.

  1. Attracts more customers.

The whole point of having a website is to get more customers. That is pretty obvious, right? The proper SEO will attract customers that are actually looking for your product or service and increasing your chances of making them a paying customer. 

Having a well designed and optimized website will keep your visitors on the site longer helping you stand our from your competition.  

2. Converts more visitors into customers.

Customers make a split decision if they are staying on your site. If your site is properly SEO optimized, it will load faster on all types of devices and you have a better chance to grab their attention and their business. It must be easy to navigate and easy to read. 

3. Beats your competition. 

If you have a SEO optimized site that has a great user experience with content that your customers are looking for then, you stand a better chance of turning them into customers than your competition. If you have an optimized site and your competitor doesn’t, who do you think potential customers will choose? As well, if you aren’t online or ranking on the first page of search engines then you are losing business to your competition.

4. Helps build brand awareness. 

More and more people are searching online for information about products before they even visit a company’s store. The higher your business ranks in the various search engines the more likely customers are to trust your brand. 

Also, a well thought out website, that has informative content, gives you the opportunity to position yourself as an authority in your industry. It can make or break your online brand. 


Using the benefits of SEO properly can help increase your sales, help build your business faster, increase your industry authority and create consumer trust. There is no doubt that, for just about any small business, a strategic SEO plan is more than a worthwhile investment!