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Video Production

Video is one of the most effective ways to market your company and statistics show consumers engage more with video. If you are in our area, we can handle all the stages of video production for you. Even if you are not nearby, we can use creative tools to develop a video that converts and drives traffic for your business.

Video Editing

If you can shoot basic video or take photos, then we can help! Editing is the one aspect of creating video content that can be quite daunting and time consuming. If you provide some basic material we can produce and video you will be proud to represent your company.

Content Creation

Your website and social media sites need professional content that helps position your business as the authority in your industry. Being consistent is the key to building your tribe. It's also one the hardest things to do as a busy business owner. We can help you with monthly content for your company.

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Website Design / Refresh

You only have a few seconds to engage a visitor to your website. A fast loading and well designed site is crucial. Our sister company, PinPoint Local has created hundreds of user friendly and aesthetically pleasing websites.

SEO Management

Effective search engine optimization (SEO) can make sure customers find your business first and not your competitors. Most consumers research products online before they buy so, we believe proper SEO starts with great content on your site.

Ad Creation / Funnels

Once you have video and great content on your amazing, SEO optimized website, then you need traffic! We can design ads for sales funnels, social media posts and websites. Make your business stand out with clean, eye pleasing ad content. After the ad is created use a sales funnel to send customers to your website.


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What our clients say

"Since using Gatcher videos my business is just flat out busy!"

Elizabeth Brake
Owner, Silver Scissors/Emerald Spa

"Our Gatcher videos are the only form of advertising I have used that has truly worked!" 

Emmie Penney
Owner, Gifts of Joy

"When Gatcher posted their video on our Facebook page, it totally erupted with positive activity!" 

Peter Parsons
Owner, The Tin Man

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What the heck is a gatcher?

The Newfoundland dictionary defines a gatcher like this: gatch n – Swaggering type of behaviour. v – to show off, to behave in a boastful manner. And a “gatcher” is a person behaving as such, strutting their stuff. “What are you gatchin about?” or  “All she does is gatch around, showin herself off” used to be common terms back in the day.

I have to confess I had never heard of this term but, my wife, who grew up in Corner Brook, was quite familiar with “gatchin off” as a common expression for anyone who was showing off. Hence, it’s Gatcher’s mission to “gatch off” (show off) small businesses using video, website design, social media and online marketing solutions!

Who The Gatcher's Are

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